Oudeman Art Glass

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Mosaic Art & Body Casting

        What do you do with all that left over glass? Make Mosaic of course. Mosaci is one of the most versitial forms of glass, the applications are endless. Mosaics can be applied to almost any serface. Floors walls, furniture or art, we have it covered. Mosaic is a contemporary art form with ancient roots. The earliest examples are dated to the third Milennium BC, we have come a long way since then.

Body Casting

        Treasure a special time with a one of a kind piece of art. Your piece starts with a casting session where we make a mold of your body. After a design is completed glass is selected, we can also incoperate your trinckets, stones, jewels etc. into the design to make it truly special Each unique piece is handcrafted so please allow 8 to 12 weeks for delievery. We can do rush orders for an addotoinal charge. Castings are done by appointment only.